Moving to Mybuilder

2017 was a difficult year career wise. Every Interaction, the company I started with Neil so many years ago, which had supported us, our families and employees, was on the decline. Market forces meant revenue was reducing and everything we tried only delayed the inevitable.

When we first started 10 years ago, Product Design was something everybody needed and few people had. But times change. Design grew in importance, got a seat at the table, and started to become something companies needed to permanently invest in. What we offered became so important everyone was taking it in-house rather than outsourcing. We had one last boost towards the end of the year before deciding in December 2017 to begin wrapping things up.

After giving up the office in December we ran things remotely in the first few months of 2018. We finished up our existing commitments, ensured our employees has something to move onto, and started looking for new jobs ourselves.

As it turns out both Neil and I went to work for clients of ours. Neil to a recent client; goHenry, and myself to one of our first; Mybuilder. Ironic that we both ended up going in-house, the very thing that lead to EI’s downfall.

I started at Mybuilder in April 2018. It’s been an amazing start and I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made. The work, team, culture, product, are all world class.

I’ve already helped to grow the team, delivered one large successful project and am knee-deep in the next. I think I can do great things here and make a difference building a product that families use to improve their homes, and tradespeople use to make a living.

This is also the reason I stopped the recording Perspective. It was a podcast about running an agency, and I no longer do. I’d like to get back to recording, but for now I’m concentrating on my new job.

In a way I got what I wanted for the industry, but at the cost of something I helped build. A cost I feel was worth the price.

Part of my 2018 year in review


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